Derris Creek
April 1st of every year: Annual HOA Dues Deadline
April to September: Yard of the Month “Shannon Stipe organizer” 2nd Saturday of every month
December 14th, 2010: Saturday at 10:00 AM Christmas decorations “Cheryl Karl and Zana Majkic organizers”
January 2011: Annual Membership Meeting 3rd Thursday each Jan
Yard of the month is recognition for maintaining a beautiful yard on a
consistent basis. Our Derris Creek Yard of the Month Com-mittee will
place the “Yard of the Month” sign in the chosen yard each month.
The contest will run from April to November of each year.
What is the Criteria for yard of the month?
Weekly mowing and edging of the yard. No visible weeds in flower beds, sidewalk cracks or
drive-ways, seasonal color (nice but not mandatory), regular mulching of flower beds, all
trees and shrubs trimmed prop-erly, insect control and a healthy lush green lawn (no brown
or bare spots).
Homeowner must be in good standing with the Homeowner  Association. This means all
assessments must be paid and the homeowner has no deed restriction violations.
Who picks the Yard of the Month winner?
Three volunteers from our community will choose the winners. The 2nd Saturday of every
month they will choose the winner for the following month. 
The Yard of the Month  winner will be re-warded with a $75.oo Gift Certificate to Lowes
Home Improve-ment Center.
REMEMBER: No Speeding!
Be sure your kids know to watch for moving vehicles.
Absolutely no ATV’s are to be ridden on city streets.
Many residents love to walk and at times with their
kids and/or pets—Watch for them!
It is our intention to make Derris Creek a safe place
to live, so please slow down & watch for others.
Jacksonville, FL
LAST UP-DATE: 08/24/2010 09:24 AM
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